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Continuing Education

Become a better, safer diver.

Continue Your Diving Education

These classes are designed to make you a better, safer diver. Advanced Open Water is a perfect “next step” after Open Water certification. EFR and Rescue Diver take your safety skills to the next level. Divemaster, on the other hand, is the most common level of professional certification, enabling you to assist with classes and lead groups of divers.


Please call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 if you’re interested in enrolling in a continuing education class.

Advanced Open Water

Whether you just earned your Open Water certification or have been diving for years and want to explore a few specialty areas, Advanced Open Water is the perfect next step to continue your dive training. Over the course of two days, you’ll complete classroom sessions and dives in the following areas: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Deep, Night, Navigation and Search & Recovery. Advanced Open Water is a fun weekend that will ultimately make you a stronger, safer and more confident diver.


$175, includes book


If you’re interested in scheduling an Advanced Open Water class, please call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221.

Emergency First Response

The Emergency First Response class teaches simple steps to equip a lay person to act in the face of a medical emergency. You’ll cover CPR and First Aid skills over the course of the day and emerge confident and up-to-speed on the latest emergency response rules and techniques. Because of the subject matter and skills taught in Rescue Diver, Emergency First Response is a prerequisite course. We typically offer EFR a few weeks ahead of any scheduled Rescue Diver class for convenience. However, this course meets the requirements of all professional-level ratings, so you’ll be CPR and First Aid certified whether or not you plan to continue to Rescue Diver.


$85, includes book


If you’re interested in taking Emergency First Response, please call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221.

Rescue Diver

Ask anyone who has taken Rescue Diver and they’ll likely say it was their all-time favorite class. While the subject matter can be serious, Rescue Diver far and wide makes the greatest impact on diver confidence as you’re taught how to prevent and manage dive problems through short classroom sections and lots of hands-on practice scenarios. Though the course is challenging, it’s incredibly rewarding and almost always includes a hearty amount of laughter as you and your classmates learn potentially life-saving skills in a controlled environment with Divemaster “victims.” This class is a great way to continue your dive education, especially alongside your go-to dive buddies so you can become safer divers, together. Before taking Rescue Diver, you must have a current (within the last year) Emergency First Response certification. We typically offer the EFR class a few weeks in advance of any Rescue Diver scheduled for convenience.


$200, includes book


If you’re interested in taking Rescue Diver, please call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221.

PADI Master Scuba Diver

Master Scuba Diver is a PADI certification divers are eligible to apply for once they have completed at least 50 dives, taken PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Rescue Diver, and earned five PADI specialty certifications. The Master Scuba Diver c-card tells the world that you’re in the top 2% of divers globally.


The ultimate dive role model. Unless an instructor is present, Divemasters are the mentors, leaders, supervisors and motivators for scuba diving. Throughout the Divemaster course, you’ll fine-tune your own skills, gain a deeper level of dive knowledge and become a leader - ready to support other divers at the drop of a hat. At Gene’s Aqua Pro, you’ll gain these experiences under an Instructor and often alongside our regularly scheduled classes and events. Observing and assisting with Open Water students, participating in a Rescue Diver class and mapping a dive site are just a handful of the ways you might make progress on your Divemaster training.


If you’re interested in earning your Divemaster with Gene’s Aqua Pro, please call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221.

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