Scuba Diving Equipment

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Scubapro fins, masks, and snorkels feature a distinct attention to detail, from shapes inspired by nature to material choices influenced by experience. The result is a line of products that only divers would create, with a fit so comfortable, it feels like a natural extension of you. So focus on the dive. There’s nothing holding you back.


Escaping to a world experienced by few others is the shared gift of all divers. Scubapro is right there with you - with proven design, unmatched reliability, and with innovations that ultimately become the standard by which others are judged. So dive in and seek new depths into what’s possible.


The Essentials

Dive Masks

A mask must fit properly to be comfortable and to create a watertight seal. The peripheral vision of a given mask style is determined by its shape and volume, the color of the silicone, and the number of lenses. The silicone skirt should be soft for your comfort and also provide a good seal. Transparent skirts let in more light but divers who need to focus on individual objects, such as photographers or

Surveyors, may prefer black skirts.

Scuba Fins

There are three main criteria to consider when selecting a fin: kick style, efficiency, and power.

Fins are offered in articulated, split, and blade designs intended to complement personal kick styles, ensuring diver effort is used efficiently. Full-foot fins can be worn on bare feet or with neoprene socks. A favorite for warm-water diving and snorkeling. Adjustable fins are easy to put on and are perfect for shore dives or when you need to walk with your equipment.

Dive Snorkel

A well-designed snorkel should feel invisible, letting you breathe easily and naturally. Elliptical barrels allow unrestricted breathing, cut through the water with very little resistance, and are easy to clear. The mouthpiece should be comfortable and conform to your bite. All SCUBAPRO snorkels include a purge valve to help clear the tube. They are available several colors coordinated with the Spectra mask series for the scuba fashionistas.



Whether it's your first time snorkeling or your annual scuba trip in the tropics, SeaLife Cameras help you discover the underwater world. For over 25 years, SeaLife has made the world’s most popular underwater cameras.

SCUBAPRO first appeared in the scuba diving world in the early 1960's. It was guided by two men, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin. They brought to the market many innovations for diving that are still being used today.




Support & Service

Escaping to a world experienced by few others is the shared gift of all divers. We are just a phone call away should you require any assistance with your equipment. We only sell top quality scuba equipment from reputable companies willing to back up their claims.

Scubapro accessories are built to accompany you around the globe. Durable bags built with strong materials protect your gear, and convenient features make getting around the airport and onto the boat a breeze. Quality should never be an afterthought.


Dive Computers

Scubapro dive computers and instruments have set the standard for accuracy and inventiveness. The wealth of core features built into every computer provide you with precise readings for extra confidence underwater. For moments that call for a quick-read measurement, you can depend on a variety of digital and analog gauges.

Ease-of-use is key to getting the most out of your dive measurement tools. That’s why scubapro technology is designed to be fully functional for all divers, regardless of their skill level. Choose the dive computer or instrument that suits your type of dive as well as your personal style.

Scubapro BC's

Keep gravity at bay and remain in perfect balance with the underwater world—allowing you to glide, kick, and explore all that’s below. Time-tested design, precise construction, and exceptional materials deliver comfortable stabilization no matter your position, underwater or at the surface.

Most scubapro Bouyancy Compensators have integrated weight systems in front while some also have counterweight pockets on the backside, making weight belts unnecessary. The jackets are also equipped with convenient instrument and accessory pockets or attachment points. BC's come with 4 ways to dump air: 2 dump valves, a hose pull dump system, and our safe and quick air pin system that lets you dump air directly at the shoulder valve.

Diving Suit

A diving suit should feel as natural to you as plunging into the water. Each scubapro suit is carefully engineered with premium materials for maximum thermal protection, ensuring your comfort in cold or warm water. Keep the worries out, and let the experience in.

Your suit should fit your body and the diving environment. Temperature, water type, and activity level will dictate which suit is right for the occasion. That’s why scubapro offers drysuits, semi-dry suits, wetsuits, and various other pieces—each carefully constructed for a particular dive, with your protection and comfort as the top priority. SCUBAPRO’s Everflex is produced with X-Foam neoprene, an exclusive formula. X-Foam, now used in all of our wetsuits.


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