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Under water basket weaving is old news. Give underwater pumpkin carving a try with John’s Jack-O-Lantern Challenge on Sunday, October 14th.


Each October, we gear up and wade into Lake Tenkiller with an unmarked pumpkin in tow to emerge one-tank later with a masterpiece (or a disaster)! Afterwards, we’ll convene back at the shop for a hot dog dinner and judging. There are prizes at stake, like a “John’s Jack-O-Lantern Challenge 2018 Champion” tank based on rankings from our top-secret, unbiased panel of experts.

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John’s Jack-O-Lantern Challenge

To keep things fair, this event has a few rules:


  1. Bring your own pumpkin.
  2. Don’t cut your buddy.
  3. You must have a buddy, or two. But each team may have only one pumpkin.
  4. You must clean out the inside of your pumpkin at the dive shop, not before arriving on site or after traveling to Strayhorn Landing.
  5. You may not draw, trace or otherwise mark the outside of your pumpkin prior to entering the water! All design, carving and drawing must be done freehand in the Realm of Neptune - no stencils or templates allowed!
  6. The pumpkin lid must go underwater with you and fit when you are finished.
  7. All carving must be done underwater.
  8. Teams and their work of art (pumpkin) will be photographed by the topside monitor as they exit the water. Be sure to check out with the topside monitor, and don’t preen your pumpkin in any way after exiting!

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