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Lake Tenkiller


Tenkiller Scuba Park

It’s one of many reasons Lake Tenkiller has a reputation for great diving. The scuba park offers several attractions - like a school bus, helicopter, plane and boats - to explore. One of our favorite pastimes is the “Grand Tour Challenge” to catch all of the highlights on a single dive.

Crappie Point

While a little less accessible, this dive site is a lot less popular - meaning it almost always has the best visibility in our vicinity of Lake Tenkiller. Makes for a nice deep dive and a good secluded area if you want a more relaxed space out of the sun to gear up in.

Strayhorn Landing

The relatively shallow, flat landscape off the swim area at Strayhorn Landing makes it a goto for classes and dive events. Turn left out of the dive shop, take the first right towards Strayhorn Landing and continue down until you hit the gatehouse.

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