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Local Diving

Lake diving has it’s own unique culture and flavor of adventure - and we love it. Lake Tenkiller is known for some of the best diving in Oklahoma and we’re happy to call it our home. Whether you’re able to attend one of our signature group dive events, want to schedule a day-trip aboard our boat the Calypso, or are interested in hitting one of Tenkiller’s core dive sites, we’re here to help you explore the local Realm of Neptune.

Lake Tenkiller Diving

Tenkiller Scuba Park

It’s one of many reasons Lake Tenkiller has a reputation for great diving. The scuba park offers several attractions - like a school bus, helicopter, plane and boats - to explore. One of our favorite pastimes is the “Grand Tour Challenge” to catch all of the highlights on a single dive. This is the most popular dive site on the lake, so the best visibility will be on weekdays, not weekends. If you’d like more info about the lay of the land and navigating the park, stop by the dive shop to see a map.


Strayhorn Landing

The relatively shallow, flat landscape off the swim area at Strayhorn Landing makes it a goto for classes and dive events like the Luck of the Irish and John’s Jack-O-Lantern Challenge. Turn left out of the dive shop, take the first right towards Strayhorn Landing and continue down until you hit the gatehouse. Make sure to mention you plan to dive and then veer left, parking along the road that runs parallel to the water.


Crappie Point

While a little less accessible, this dive site is a lot less popular - meaning it almost always has the best visibility in our vicinity of Lake Tenkiller. Makes for a nice deep dive and a good secluded area if you want a more relaxed space out of the sun to gear up in.


All aboard our dive boat, the mighty Calypso! She can hold 16 souls and makes day trips to the local islands of Lake Tenkiller from Strayhorn Landing for $25 per diver. If you’re planning to attend a voyage, please call the dive shop ahead of time at (918) 487-5221 to reserve your seat on board. If you’d like to book a private trip for a dive group, call the shop and we’ll check availability and do our best to help!

Luck of the Irish

Those lousy leprechauns - they spilled the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow right into Lake Tenkiller. Join us for our annual St. Patrick’s Day themed-event, the Luck of the Irish, on Saturday, March 16th!


This treasure hunt to collect the missing “gold” is a fan favorite. Take to the waters with your dive buddy on a mission to return with more gold doubloons (yellow golf balls) than the other teams. Win and your prize could be a new Scubapro regulator or computer. Don’t place and you still spent a day diving with friends - the ultimate reward. The $20 entry fee includes an event t-shirt, and like our other events, we’ll meet back up at the shop for hot dogs and camaraderie after the dive.

Project AWARE: Dive Against Debris

PADI’s environmental conservation-focused nonprofit, Project AWARE, brings together divers around the world for Dive Against Debris. This joint “lake clean up” group event and specialty class includes a classroom session, a trash collection dive and the opportunity to log progress in PADI’s Project AWARE database. It’s a perfect way to take part in keeping the waters we love to dive clean on or near Earth Day each year.


Since there is a classroom component to this event, first timer’s will need to earn the Dive Against Debris specialty for $40. If you’ve already completed this certification, you are welcome to show up and assist in the clean up.

PADI Women's Dive Day

Every summer, we set a Saturday aside for the mermaids - PADI Women’s Dive Day! Scuba diving is for everyone and this international event gives reason to celebrate the underrepresented female divers of the world and spark interest in the sport.


Here at Gene’s Aqua Pro, women can participate with a free-ride-pass on our dive boat, the Calypso, on Saturday, July 21st. If you plan to join, please call the shop at (918) 487-5221 ahead of time so we can reserve your seat on board.


John's Jack-O-Lantern Challenge

Under water basket weaving is old news. Give underwater pumpkin carving a try with John’s Jack-O-Lantern Challenge on Sunday, October 14th. Each October, we gear up and wade into Lake Tenkiller with an unmarked pumpkin in tow to emerge one-tank later with a masterpiece (or a disaster)! Afterwards, we’ll convene back at the shop for a hot dog dinner and judging. There are prizes at stake, like a “John’s Jack-O-Lantern Challenge 2018 Champion” tank based on rankings from our top-secret, unbiased panel of experts.


To keep things fair, this event has a few rules:

1. Bring your own pumpkin.

2. Don’t cut your buddy.

3. You must have a buddy, or two. But each team may have only one pumpkin.

4. You must clean the inside of your pumpkin at the dive shop, not before arriving on site or after traveling to Strayhorn Landing.

5. You may not draw, trace or otherwise mark the outside of your pumpkin prior to entering the water! All design, carving and drawing must be done freehand in the Realm of Neptune - no stencils or templates allowed!

6. The pumpkin lid must go underwater with you and fit when you are finished.

7. All carving must be done underwater.

8. Teams and their work of art (pumpkin) will be photographed by the topside monitor as they exit the water. Be sure to check out with the topside monitor, and don’t preen your pumpkin in any way after exiting!

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