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Focused Diving Education

Specialty classes continue your dive education by focusing in on specific environments, dive methods and skills that will both make you a better diver and make your dives even more enjoyable. Taking continuing education classes keeps you high on the scuba bug and ready to take on whatever your next underwater adventure entails.


Please call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 if you’re interested in enrolling in a specialty class.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Perfect buoyancy control is the hallmark of great divers. They glide over (and sometimes through) underwater environments effortlessly and without disturbing their surroundings. They use air efficiently and hover easily in one position. Sound like something you’re interested in? Peak Performance Buoyancy takes what you learned about buoyancy control in Open Water and elevates your knowledge to new levels, teaching you to move or be still as if by thought alone.


$130, includes book


Want to become a buoyancy ninja? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Peak Performance Buoyancy class.

Deep Diver

Once you’re comfortable as a diver, it seems deeper depths always start to beckon. While most recreational dive sites offer easy access at shallower depths, you want to be ready in case that cool wreck or wall dive might take you deeper. The Deep Diver specialty certifies you to 130 feet and teaches deep dive planning, how to manage your gas supply, preventing gas narcosis and other safety considerations.


$160, includes book


Ready to explore deeper waters? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Deep Diver class.

Night Diver

A night dive, even at a site you are extremely familiar with, can offer a whole new experience from when the sun is in the sky. In the ocean, a completely different array of wildlife make themselves known in the spot of your flashlight.


Night Diver specialty equips you for diving in the dark and other limited-visibility settings so you can handle your light, feel your way and manage entering, exiting and navigating the environment safely.


$160, includes book


Do you want to gear up as the sun goes down? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Night Diver class.

Underwater Navigator

Some people are born with an innate sense of navigation, others…are not. Regardless of which team you find yourself on, navigating underwater presents it’s own unique set of challenges. The Underwater Navigator class can take you from blindly trusting your dive buddy to get you where you want to go to navigating a dive with confidence. You’ll learn methods to estimate distance underwater, compass navigation, marking and relocating objects and the basics of underwater map making.


$160, includes book


Ready to find your own way around the Realm of Neptune? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Underwater Navigator class.

Search and Recovery Diver

Retrieving things that went overboard or were dropped during a dive is rarely as simple as it sounds. For lake divers, fallen belongings off a dock or boat are common occurrences. Search and Recovery Diver teaches search patterns and natural navigation tips, planning a search operation, and safely using a lift bag or other recovery method to bring a found item back to land.


$160, includes book


Do you want to be the finder of sunglasses and other fallen treasures? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Search and Recovery Diver class.

Equipment Specialist

For some pastimes, equipment isn’t very important. But in the sport of diving, your equipment is literally your lifeline, and seemingly small malfunctions can make or break an experience. Don’t be caught with a minor issue and have to miss a dive because of it. Equipment Specialist covers how to manage basic repairs and dives deeper into how yourgear actually works, making you better equipped to maintain your investment.


$95, includes E-Learning


Eager to impress your friends with your save-a-dive handiwork and equipment know-how? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Equipment Specialist class.

Boat Diver

The majority of the world’s greatest diving is accessible only by boat. Whether you’ve dove off a boat once or dozens of times, the Boat Diver specialty offers useful knowledge to ensure you’re prepared for dive boat procedures in a wide variety of vessels. The class covers everything from entering and exiting the water, line ascents and descents to general boater safety.


$160, includes book


Ready to come aboard and learn how to get the most out of your rides on a dive boat?


Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Boat Diver class.

Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

Ah, Nitrox. Some divers swear by it and for good reason. Diving air with higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content extends your no decompression time and allows for shorter surface intervals in some cases on repetitive dives. In the Enriched Air Diver course you’ll learn how to manage oxygen exposure, analyze oxygen content in your air fills and understand any equipment adjustments required to dive Nitrox. Gene’s Aqua Pro offers both regular and Nitrox air fills, so you’ll be able to see the fill station in action and witness how the processes differ.


$110, includes book


Ready to extend your dives with Nitrox? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Enriched Air Diver class.

Dry Suit Diver

Whether you want to dive Lake Tenkiller in the winter or explore renowned dive sites around the world in cooler climates, a dry suit is the way to stay comfortable in colder temps. Once you have a dry suit, the Dry Suit Diver specialty will get you ready to put it to use through learning how to put it on, master buoyancy and account for differences in safety procedures from wet suits to dry suits.


$160, includes book


Never let the cold keep you from diving again. Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Dry Suit Diver class.

Sidemount Diver

Eager to keep your dive adventures going but don’t love the weight of a tank on your back? Many divers have discovered the joy of sidemount - a more flexible and streamlined configuration where divers mount cylinders on their sides. The Sidemount Diver class will cover how to properly assemble sidemount equipment, trimming your weight system for perfect balance and managing gas if wearing two cylinders.


$200, includes book


Sidemount sound like your favorite new way to dive? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Sidemount Diver class.

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

You don’t have to dive for long before realizing the importance of alerting people on the surface to your position. It is critical that boats know where you are when you start to ascend to the surface and in ocean environments you often need a DSMB in order to summon the boat for pickup at the end of your dive. The DSMB (Delayed Surfaced Marker Buoy) course will teach you how to easily, safely and reliably deploy a DSMB device.


$140, no required book or e-learning


Are you ready to take the surface marker business into your own hands? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next DSMB class.

Self-Reliant Diver

Feeling independent? The Self-Reliant Diver is designed to prepare experienced divers for diving solo, or simply make any diver a stronger buddy by sharpening your skills. The course covers the theory of self-reliance and self-rescue in diving, equipment redundancy, gas management, problem solving and the skills needed to master all of the above.


$200, includes book


Ready to dive solo or interested in the theory that would make that possible to do safely? Call the dive shop at (918) 487-5221 to sign up for our next Self-Reliant Diver class.

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